Computers and the dawn of a new race.

It is now possible for a computer to have as many as three of the five senses, and interact with its environment in almost as many ways as a human can. First the senses:

Visual, Aural, Tactile. Yes, tactile. My laptop has a touch-sensitive pad on it which tracks the motion of my finger across its surface. Imagine taking this pad, shrinking it down, and placing thousands of them across the surface of the laptop, and including thermal receptors as well. You’d have skin. Visual and aural are through pc-cameras and microphones. Give it two pc-cameras and the right programming, the thing could have three-dimensional vision.

it can interact via gestures and body language, through its screen. It can talk to us directly via standard speakers. Given a decent AI, my laptop could be a functional member of society. All it lacks is mobility and opposeable thumbs.

Doesn’t that make you feel special, ape-child?

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