To illustrate the point about Mages vs. Sages.

It was a bear. Not just any bear, but an eight foot tall bear that looked quite angry that its territory was disturbed. They all began to back away, slowly. The bear lumbered forward, heading toward Tirk, whose bow was held uselessly at his side. He pulled a short sword from its sheath, but it did little to deter the beast. “Mirrek!” He called, and fell backward.

Mirrek began to charge the bear, but Seth was closer. He made a series of movements, and his body began to emanate white light. He then charged the bear, moving many times his normal speed. He drew a sword and struck the bear again and again, all the while running around it to keep just out of its reach. He moved so quickly that Mirrek could barely track him with his eyes. After a few futile and un-swordsmanlike strokes, Seth finally sliced at the bears neck, and brought the thing down.

Tirk, on the ground, finally had an arrow nocked and drawn by the time the bear was already dead.

“Seth… Remember that spell,” he said breathlessly.

Seth stared at him and his forehead wrinkled, concentrating hard.

“Nope, it’s gone.”

~from Book Three of The Grey Chronicles by Adrian Sud

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