Dark Eden

I was running.

We had to get out, but in Lucifer’s Garden that was easier said than done–and it wasn’t easily said. He had made many promises, and in a way, He had come through with them, but this was not my Garden. This was not her Garden. Her. Eve had been struck dumb by a snake’s poison. She would get her voice back in time, but for the moment I was without her voice, and was utterly lost.

By lost I of course mean unable to locate any landmark that might give me any clue as to where I was. The Garden was in a gigantic underground cavern on an island in the middle of a lake, so it seemed reasonable to head downward until we came to water, and then, if we had to, swim.

It always seemed to be night-time here. But judging by a simple sense of time, we hadn’t slept in two days.

We were heading down through a small tunnel where I had remembered passing when we were lead into the Garden. at least here, we would be away from the trees. It was then that I heard the growl. It started as a low rumble, and gained in intensity, bouncing off all of the walls, playing with its’ own echo until we were surrounded, no, enveloped by the horrible sound. We ran. Forward, because we had no idea which way to go, where it was coming from, but we knew we couldn’t stay here.

There were holes in the walls that seemed to glare at us; there were doors along the way and every one was a danger. But He leapt upon me from directly ahead.

I threw Eve aside and took the full force of muscle and claw directly in the chest, opening up a series of wide gashes. He was on top of me now, my back on the ground. I can’t die here. Eve had picked something up, the Lion growled and leapt from me.

“Eve, Run!” We ran past some of the holes in the walls, and they came alive, jabbing across the entire hallway with vicious-looking spikes. The Lion seemed as though it knew where each was, and dodged around them. I watched carefully the walls and cielings, pushing or pulling Eve if she was in danger. I saw the gate coming.

The Gate had created divots on the ground–but there was a small part of the ground where the divots were missing. There was no choice, the Lion was behind, the gate ahead. I dove onto Eve so she would land on the right portion of the gate, her on the ground, myself a shield. It came crashing down. The gate slammed into the ground on either side of us, but one portion of the gate was missing, with just enough height for the both of us. The Lion dove onto my legs. His claws pierced the skin and drew blood. I moved my other leg, but the pain shooting through the first forced me to stop. The lion growled. “You will die here.”

A spike dropped from the ceiling, crushing through the lion’s shoulder, through its leg, and finally through mine, before colliding with the rock floor. I screamed. Eve’s face was blank.

An eternity later, the spike began to lift. My leg remained on the ground, even as the spike eased the massive weight of the Lion off of me. I shifted onto my good knee and slid Eve through the gate, and followed.

I lay just outside the gate, breathing slowly. Eve is to my side, looking at me pensively. She cannot speak, but I know she does not know what to say. Just beyond her, the cave opens up and the water laps slowly at its entrance.

~ last night’s dream.

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