It would appear they *can* stop the signal after all.

Fox/Universal is placing a little pressure [] on the browncoats’ marketing of Firefly-inspired products.

There’s a lot of metered anger from the browncoats. I say metered because on every site linked, there seemed to be a few comments that say, “I don’t necessarily think Universal Studios is bad,” or, “They’re well within their right,” or even, “They’re a corporation, doing what corporations do.”

Browncoats, this is not something you should feel obligated to not be upset over. They encouraged your marketing. They wanted you to make Firefly important. You did; you are. Just because Universal Studios is within legal rights to send these Cease and Decist letters doesn’t make it ok.

Also, their right to do so is questionable. If you invite someone into your home, you cannot then attack them for trespassing; similarly if Universal Studios provided some incentives to try to organize people, they should not be able to take legal action against you for doing so.

It does make sense that they are simply trying to limit the number of unauthorized products out there, perhaps in order to increase their own merchandising profits. Again though, just because it makes sense from a monetary standpoint, doesn’t mean you don’t have perfect right to be angry.

In my oppinion they should buy your best designs, and make them official.

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