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Well, hello!

It has been a long time. Nearly half a year, if I recall correctly. Allow me to reacquaint myself: I’m Adrian Sud; on the internet, I also go by Pigsflew. In the past I’ve described myself as a writer, a hobby guitarist, a gadget tinkerer, a software developer, and a general intellectual—if not all that geeky about any one particular thing. Lately, I can really only count myself in one of those categories: a software developer, I remain.

I’m a developer by trade; as with many in my field, I’m prone to long work hours, caffeine addiction, and forgetting even to put socks on in the morning, let alone take the time to practice on my guitar or put a pen to paper. But recently, I read an article which is stuck in my head: “You Are What You Eat” by Trent Walton. The concept is that, whatever you want to be, just start doing it. The rest will follow.

The simple fact is, I love being a developer, but what brought me to the field is the tinkering, the new technologies, the amazing sense that no matter how long you’re at it, there is so much more to learn—but to take advantage of that, I have to learn on my own time, too. Beyond tech, I’ve always thought of myself as a versatile person, with about as much potential in creative endeavors as logical ones. If I don’t exercise other parts of my head, switch to another mode and put some energy into it, I will—and do— find that potential greatly diminished.

So to that end, I’m coming back to my hobbies. I’m going to devote a bit of time to this blog and LiveJournal, hopefully about one hour a week, to talk about what I’m doing in my free time, and to make sure that whatever it is, I am doing *something*.

For a while, it’ll be fairly directionless. I’ve got about five ideas for things I want to do in my head. All of them will be difficult, but at least two of them I think I could really do well, if I give it a shot. So look for a post in a couple of days, talking about what I’ve started.

Now, will it be technical or creative? Who knows. Perhaps both!

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