Settled! Somewhat…

Hello all! Things are finally settling down from the move, and while my work has of late been pretty crazy, I wanted to take a minute to post, so that I don’t end up falling off the writing horse again.

My webOS adventures are moving along–I got my hands on an unlocked Pre 2, which is a terriffic phone, to test some of my stuff on. I found that my favorite app idea, a WordPress App, has already been done fantastically well in Poster, and with a bunch of features I hadn’t planned on putting in mine, so I’m going to keep plugging away at my other ideas.

As I mentioned, my work life has been pretty nuts lately — I had done 58 hours this week before I stepped into the building this morning — so I’ve stepped out of my d&d group for the time being. It’s sad, my character in this particular game is a totally awesome assassin-mage, who, while I originally intended for him to be a quiet, stealthy poisoner, has turned into a rambunctious swashbuckling lover of all that is flashy. The other group members are a lot of fun to play with, too- the youngest is actually only 11, but she’s the strongest fighter in the group and was the only person to get my UMass CS binary tree shirt. Yeah. She’s about as cool as it gets. I could go on about the other players, and our DM, but let’s just instead say I’m really going to miss playing until things cool off at work.

Anyway, I left off work at a reasonable time today and saw Sucker Punch. I thought it was good, but Mikah didn’t. So we made another mistake. We rented The Last Airbender.

Now understand, I expected it to be bad; I expected it to break from the show in pretty dumb ways. But I never would have expected a movie featuring marial arts and elemental magic could ever be so exquisitely boring.

Apparently Shyamalan can’t event make a magical war interesting. It could have been just about any other director and this movie wouldn’t have been a freaking lullabye.

This is enough, I think, for now. Until next time, then!

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