Increasing the Touchpad’s Volume

I just submitted my first homebrew webOS app to the feed!

It isn’t actually an app, it’s an extremely simple script which just tweaks the boost so that the Touchpad can get louder. If you’re reading this on my actual site, you’ll notice a new “webOS” tab up top, that’s for supporting this, and what I hope will be many more apps in the future.

Now for the fun bit, I wanted to talk about my experience getting the script out there. The webOS Homebrew community is absolutely amazing for many reasons, but I just want to mention two:

  • They are consolidated. Unlike similar efforts on other platforms and projects, there’s very little community fragmentation here. The webOS homebrew community is entirely centered around webOS-Internals, with their awesome wiki being the number one knowledge repository outside HP’s own developer center. Their wiki, their git repositories, and their irc channels are open to anyone. They have systems in place for outsiders to immediately start making contributions, and while they are vetted and might be rejected, they always try to tell developers what needs to be fixed for inclusion.
  • They are approachable. While trying to figure out how to package this script for distribution through Preware (wOSI’s Homebrew App and Patch installer), I hit a few dead ends because of my lack of knowledge of the homebrew distribution system and how it differs from HP’s own, and what the limitations are for different methods. No problem, I just dropped into their IRC channel and every time, within a few minutes I had solid info on a better direction to look into.

Anyway, I’m in now–the badge next to my name on the PreCentral forum says “Homebrew Developer”. I’m pretty proud to have that badge, even if it’s for something so simple.

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