The War on Sloth Begins

I think I had a pretty successful first week in the War on Sloth–despite having a particularly rough week at work (60 hours!) I managed to get in some music, a bit of drawing, and a personal coding project that I think is rather nifty. As I said, I’m going to be scatter-shot for a while as I figure it all out. If things at work calm down, maybe I’ll keep it diverse and start doing a post per pursuit, but for now each one is relatively small.

For music, I sat down at the piano long enough to learn the introduction to Ben Folds’ “Still Fighting It”. It will take a bit more time to commit the whole song to memory, but the song is fairly simple, short, and calm–which is a good recipe for a song I can pick up fast and feel good about playing for others. Didn’t spend any appreciable time on the guitar, but this is a good start.

I also spent a bit of time playing with Inkscape and drew a new pig. Here’s the old one for comparison:

The Old Pig

Phlox, the Phlying Pig

And here’s the new one:

The New Pig

Phlox, the Phlying Pig

I still like the old one better (it’s just a better drawing to start), but I like the new one’s open eyes and more comic-like lines. I need a sharper version of Phlox for an icon anyway, for upcoming projects.

This is the biggest thing I’ve started: I’m making a Palm webOS app. There’s a few of them that I have in mind, so my plan is to start with a very simple app and work my way up to more awesome ones after I get the gist of how webOS development really works. So I pulled down the Palm SDK and started tinkering. So far, I’ve got very little that I want to show off, but I’ve learned a lot! So we’ll see what I can come up with for next week.

Until then, what’s your free time like?