The Grey Chronicles, Book Three

They continued walking for several hours, and Mirrek wished fervently that his grandfather had thought to give him a map to the nearest town before sending them off. He had given them vague directions, but those directions had turned out to be very vague indeed. So vague, in fact, that the directions completely overlooked the chasm that Mirrek and his friends were now standing on the edge of, which surely had not been there when his grandfather last passed this way. Of course, Grandpa Storm was a wizard, the chasm would pose no problem for him.

Fortunately enough, Mirrek had a wizard friend of his own. “Seth, do you have a spell that’ll help us across this?”

Seth pondered for a moment. “Well,” he said, “I don’t really have spells… You know how an archeologist is different from an inventor?”

Mirrek eyed him, slightly irritated. “A what?”

Seth smirked, then continued. “Well, an archeologist tries to understand how societies work by studying the tools that were used in the past, and recreating them and using them, while an inventor changes how societies work by studying what today’s society needs, and making his own tools.”

“And this has to do with a chasm how?”

“All i’m saying is that your grandfather is a sage, an archeologist. He learns magic that’s already been used, and because he’s a good sage, he knows a lot of magic and can get himself out of a lot of sticky situations. I on the other hand, am a mage. I’m an inventor.”

“So you make stuff up.”

“Essentially, yes.”

“So you can’t help us get across.”

There was a long silence. “Coincidentally… no.”

~from Book Three of The Grey Chronicles by Adrian Sud

In the chronicles, btw, there is no difference in the power of a mage and a sage, only their magic styles. One knows a lot of cookbook recipes, the other one throws a buncha stuff into the pot and hopes it tastes good. Both have their merit.